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FMC offers its clients significant benefits on carrier-class, industrial-strength equipment while maintaining top-notch compatibility and optimized solution delivery. All equipment sold by FMC is thoroughly tested in our advanced lab facility by our certified engineers and is guaranteed to be in excellent working condition and physical condition.

Offering categories: Hi-end OEMs Parts and Replacement, Spare Parts Management, Refurbishment and Refabrication Technology and Specialized Instrumentation

CRS Lineup

CRS IFG / CRS Route / CRS NF LW : Route Processing - XR sw Compat, multicast(PIMSM/SSM, Bidir-PIM, AutoRP, MBGP), MPLS(LDP, RSVP, Diffserv), Conn(1000B-LXxN), 4GB Rt Mem, 1.2+ GHz PwrPc | Fwd Proc - <200 Gbps line rate throughput, option of 4/8 proc mod slots, v6/v4 unicast/multicast, P2MP, PBTS, MPLS OAM, OIR support, Fast Reroute | Label Sw Proc - optimized IP feats, Ether OAM, BFD, NtFlw Intf, 8GB, full duplx line-rate throughput, XML mgmt | SPA Interface - OC-3/192c/STM-1/64c GigE, 3/6 ports dbl dens.

ISM Module : CGN-NAT, Dual Stck Lte, Stateful NAT, MAP-T, 8+-Core CPU, Integration with rte fwd infra, 64-GB low MTTR Dsk, Sw Fabric intf | Carrier Ether LC: CFP mix across single LC, Combined IP, MPLS, L2/L3VPN, NtFlw, IPSLA, VCCV, VidMon capability, XR sw support, options of Svc Edge Opt or Pkt Trnpt OPt

Nexus Lineup

NXS 7k/9k / Superv Mod / Fabric Mod : HA active-standby mode, Dual redundant Ether OOB channels to each module and fabric offering resilience for comm between ctr plane and lc procs, Centraiized arbitering using active-active ctr flow, QoS-aware lossless traffic, 240 GB SSD, CPU sharing for best VDC allocations. | Fabric Mtrx- Multilevel redundancy among fabrics, Delivering 24 ch per I/O mod &12 chs per superv mod, Class-ofservice-aware fwd, QoS for VOQ, Superframing for crossbar efficiency with frame segmentation, 464 Gbps/slot/Fab-3 mod, 2.64 Tbps/slot for aggr of 6x Fab-3 mod.

NCS Lineup

NCS LC / NCS SRE : 24/36 p 100/40 GigE, 12 p 40GE QSFP28/QSFP+ lc with hi-scale, 4 fwd ASICs, FIB scale 2 down, Single stage,Direct matching with lc.

NCS Rte Proc Mod : 6 cores at 2.2/1.9 GHz, 24/32 GB DRAM, 240 GB flash, 2 USB, Console, Mgmt Ether, BITS: 2 independent BITS ports, in/out – RJ48 conn port, IEEE 1588 support: Copper 100/1000-Mbps RJ-45 Ether port, ToD (RS422), 1-pps RS422 or 1.0/2.3 50-ohm RF conn in/out, 10MHz 1.0/2.3 50-ohm RF conn in/out

NCS Syst Ctr Cen : 2-core 1.3GHz, Ether Out-of-Band Channel (EOBC) for connection between lc, fabric and supervisors, Ether Proto Channel (EPC) for RP-punted traffic

ASA Lineup

Firepwr Superv with 4/8 x 10 GigE ports, 2 network mod slots for I/O expansions, Security Mod 24/36 with 2x SSDs in RAID-1, 8x 10 GigE SFP+ mods, 4x40 GigEt Quad SFP+ mods, 2x 100 GigE Quad SFP28 network modules, VMware support of min 4vCPU 8GB RAM, 50 GB Dsk, FW Throughput <30Gbps, 30 mil conn sessions, IPSEC VPN 13.5 Gbps, AVC OpenApp ID support, NGIPS capability, FW Latency 3.5 uS, New conn init <1.2 mil sessions, HA (active-active, active-standby), up to 5 clustering appliances, VPN load balance scaling, Cloud Oches centralized management, Integrated network mgmt ports of 1x100M/1GBASE-T Ether